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The Flower Food Company

Lavender Shortbread Cookie Mix

Lavender Shortbread Cookie Mix

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You think you know shortbread? Let's get a little crazy, shall we? By combining the buttery flavor of shortbread with the heady sense of lavender, we've turned the world of shortbread cookies on its head. Imagine biting into a perfectly golden shortbread cookie fully expecting that melt-in-your-mouth vanilla flavor, and then instantly realizing that something is different.
Very different.
We need to warn you: These lavender shortbread cookies - with a hint of honey - are addictive. So, don't get mad at us if you only buy one and have to wait to get your next fix!
Why not get crazy and spend an hour or so baking these game-changing cookies? You'll soon understand why this is one of our bestselling goodies! 

Our mission:

Spreading beautiful food to the world one cook at a time.

About The Flower Food Company
A few years ago, my neighbors would beg me to make my "famous" lavender brownies. A couple of local shops asked me to supply my brownies to them so they could sell them. I passed at the time – I had a bigger vision.
I decided to make my recipe into a mix and my lavender brownie mix was born. I began selling it at a local market and soon realized that people loved it and kept coming back for more.
That's when my dream began to take shape. I would lay awake at night thinking about all the mixes I could create- all with edible flowers. My next mix was Lavender Shortbread Cookies, then I moved on to Rose Petal Tea Cake. Soon, I had more mixes than I knew what to do with - and I'm not done. (Daisy Chiffon Cake, anyone? Follow my shop and wait for it!)
I opened a website so my customers at the market could buy my mixes anytime to expand my reach. And that's how you found me.
I'm new online, but I've been making people happy with my baking mixes for years.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you mass produce your products?

No, we are a small-batch company. That means we make our orders as they come in to ensure freshness and perfection!

Do you produce your product at home or in a commercial kitchen?

We manufacture our products in a commercial kitchen.

Can you create wedding favors for any of your products?

If you would like wedding favors for any of our products that are not listed, just send us a note from the Contact Us page, and we will get back to you. We can likely accommodate your request!