Cooking with Flowers

Cooking with Flowers

Since I've been creating and selling my baking mixes with edible flowers, I am constantly reminded that not everyone understands that cooking with them is not only normal, but extraordinary! Still, I often hear comments like, Can you eat lavender?, Flowers belong in the dirt, and How do you cook with edible flowers?

And here's the truth: you can absolutely cook and bake with edible flowers, but it does take some finesse.

Take a woman that I recently met at a market event. She told me that she had tried to make lavender brownies a few years ago and they tasted like soap. 

Yep, that happens if you don't use just the right amount.

I've also heard people say that they're afraid that my edible flower baking mixes will taste too flowery.

That can also happen if you don't use just the right balance when creating a recipe. (We spent a lot of time developing ours and I can assure you, they don't taste flowery!)

So, what's the secret? Development, testing, and more development.

Our baking mixes have been developed to perfection, and you never taste the flowers, but the essence of them in a way that is utterly pleasing to the palate.

Imagine, the tantalizing taste of lavender and chocolate. Or roses combined with sweet bread and covered with a sugary glaze. Prefer drinks? Try waking up to coffee beans infused with lavender or purple lemonade and its tart lemony taste alongside the heady flavor of lavender.

Not sure which one to try? Look for one of our bundles so you can figure out your favorite!

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